HELLO 2015!!

https://festivaldeshautsplateaux.com/73371-azithral-500mg-price-18973/ The New Year has arrived and we are just beginning to settle in…heading back to school and work, starting to think about how to lose those holiday pounds, practicing writing 2014, and the annual reinvention of our looks.  So, just what is 2015 going to bring us in fashion and how are we going to incorporate these latest trends into our own personal styles?  Let us explore what is trending in 2015!!

strip blackjack First off, this year’s rule of thumb is it’s “ semi daonil 1mg New Bedford All About the Details“, intricate designs with major attention paid to the fine points.  Whether we are doing bold, chunky pieces or delicate dainties, all eyes will be focused on the special features captivated within each design.

https://cymmex.com/56017-doxycycline-online-pharmacy-91835/ Old will be new again as vintage styles make another return with an emphasis on the 60’s and 70’s.  Another old friend making a comeback this year is classic yellow gold, especially in pretty pendant necklaces and intriguing earrings, while white takes a backseat.  We say goodbye to the simplicities of grey, beige and bland, and cheerfully welcome an onslaught of colors…purples, reds and pinks will top the list of faves, and rainbows will rule!  Colored diamonds explode onto the scene, starring in just about everything the designers have to offer.  Out of this world, statement jewelry is now for everyone, making it’s presence seen in every accessory…earrings, bracelets, necklaces…there is certainly a style to suit every personality.  We give love to the layered look in stack-able rings, layered necklaces and climbing earrings.  Finally, cuff bracelets make a break out in mega chunky metals and leathers paired with charms.

http://iseamalaga.com/65256-get-clomid-online-51323/ I have picked out a few faves from our newest edition with their inspirations from Fashion Week.  All of these pieces are available and more at our store.  Cruise our pages and start off 2015, your way!!

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Ciudad Mante price of amoxyclav 625 2015 blog chandeleir earrings GE 023 ER0752015 blog statement ring RW105 RW106 RW107

2015 blog statement necklace DSCN1593 NW040 (2) NW026   NW018 NW019 NW013

2015 blog stackable rings RW040 (4) RW01nRW02 RW035

2015 blog colorful mega PW035 - Copy PW033 - Copy GE


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